Versa Auger\Bucket Combo

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Product Overview

Versa Receiver Arm sold separately.

The Versa Auger Carrier makes hauling your ice auger a breeze. Two vertical supports accept any round auger bit and the locking clamp keeps it in place until you need it. The power head support can be adjusted and provides support for heavy gas auger heads.

  • Works with most augers
  • Locking clamp keeps the auger in place
  • Plas-coated to prevent wear to auger
  • Powerhead support for heavy auger heads


The Versa Bucket Holder is the perfect accessory for ice fishing and works great for hunting and general utility work too. Dual bucket loops hold two five-gallon buckets and are secured with an attached bungee cord. Can be paired with the auger carrier.

  • Holds two five-gallon buckets
  • Works with auger carrier


The Versa Auger Bracket is the required accessory to use the auger carrier and the bucket holder together.

  • Connects the auger carrier to the bucket holder
  • Creates the perfect pair of accessories for ice fishing

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review