Dakota Walleye Slayer Combo

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Dakota Walleye Slayer Just like the Dakota Perch Slayer, the Walleye version is a little bit shorter than most walleye rods on the market. However, it's longer than the Perch rod at 26" to handle larger fish and do so with ease. This particular rod was also designed by a group of guides for being on the move is side by sides, Sno-Bears, trucks and suburbans. It's also the rods we like to give our clients inside the hard shacks, hubs, and flip overs so the hook sets don't end up in broken rod tips or hitting the walls or tops of whatever you are fishing out of. This rod has the smaller/thinner handle for the pencil grip. It's an extremely comfortable rod to hold onto and fish with. It's light balanced and will allow for quick and smooth hook sets and it will dance the lures just the way you need to entice fish to bite. High visibility thread was incorporated to help detect bites. Titanium eyes are our standard to help prevent breakage and icing up. Just like its partner rod and any other rods we will bring to this website it will have the over sized eye closest to the reel to prevent binding up on heavier and larger fish. Just like all of our rods we are in the process of making longer ones also. Again, we wanted to get our most used rods by our guides and clients out on Ice Fishing Central for you guys

This combo is paired with our 3+1 Croxton Ice reel and makes for a perfect match.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review