Dakota Panfish Slayer Combo

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Dakota Panfish Slayer This is a rod that was designed by a bunch of different guides up here on Devils Lake for catching perch (panfish) As you will find with this particular rod, is it's a tad shorter than a lot of other perch rods on the market. This is done by design for a few different reasons. First reason for us guides is we spend a ton of time searching for fish either in our side by sides or our suburbans. The 24" rod is also designed for inside shacks, hubs, flip overs, Sno-Bears etc. Longer rods tend to hit side walls, roof tops, poles you name it on hook sets and tips tend to break on transport. This shorter dynamo is balanced and feels amazing in your hands. This doesn't mean we won't have longer versions of these rods...because we will! They are actually being designed as we speak, but I wanted to get a perch rod and a walleye rod built first snd out to the public since these two rods are what we all guide with pretty much daily all winter long. Definitely tried and tested! A couple other special features I would like to tell you about is our smaller/thinner handle design. Most avid ice anglers hold the rod in a pencil grip. This allows for better feel and control. High visibility thread was used to help in detecting bites. Titanium eyes are also incorporated into these new rods to help prevent icing up your eyes on the rods. Another important feature that often times goes unnoticed is the size of the first eye closest to the reel. We went with a larger size on all of our Dakota Series to help from binding up when you hook a jumbo perch or whopper walleye! It's a little thing, but it's noticeable once you use our rods. Lastly, all of our rods are handcrafted with high end components to assure the highest sensitivity to feel the bites on the coldest and toughest days. I think once you have one of our rods in your rotation of tools to catch fish you will find yourself using it more and more. We are super excited to bring this product and others like it to Ice Fishing Central!

This combo is paired with our 3+1 Croxton Ice reel and makes for a perfect match.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review