The new Spear/Site House

Posted by Ben Olson on Oct 10th 2019

The new Spear/Site House

The First of its Kind

The ICE STALKER by Icerunner is a one of a kind fully insulated portable spear house. The ICE STALKER becomes completely dark once it is zipped shut giving it the feel of an actual dark house. The ICE STALKER has a 20” by 36” hole perfect for spearing or sight fishing. Since it is fully insulated you rarely need a heater unless it’s under ten degrees Fahrenheit. The house folds up and fits into a large bag that can be carried over the shoulder with ease. The house weighs about 30 pounds in all.

As you can see in the video the house is easy to set up and take down. With the easy set up and take down you can spear anywhere you want. You will never be held down in a certain spot like you would be in a permanent spear house that we are all used to using. In addition to that, the house includes a spot where you can tie off your decoy or you live sucker to lure the fish in. This is a great portable spear house for the most avid spear fisherman out there today.


Durability Made To Last

The Stalker floor is made so it will not stick to the ice after sitting out there for a long period of time. The exterior poles ensure that there is plenty of room on the outside. On the windy days the house has the option to be staked down, so it doesn't move on you. Look to LakeCo for different kinds of spikes to hold the house down. The extra-large windows are made of a more durable material to avoid cracking. The houses are assembled in Bovey MN to ensure you are getting a USA product and great customer service.

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