Ice Anglers LOVE the New Ice Runner Float Suits! Large Float Jacket is SOLD OUT!

Posted by Ice Runner Houses on Dec 12th 2019

The Ice Runner Float Suits are CERTIFIED Best Values. The Large Jacket is SOLD OUT!


After a long design process and a nerve-racking delivery process, the Ice Runner Floats Suits arrived at headquarters just in time for the recent St. Paul Ice Fishing Show.

That is the Good News! The Bad News is that the Size Large Float Jackets SOLD OUT instantly!

Everyone agreed (those who attended the show and anglers who had placed pre-orders online) that the Ice Runner suits were the Best Value on the market!!! Unfortunately, Ice Runner underestimated your enthusiasm.


Ice Runner can not accept more orders for Size Large Float Jackets. At this time, ALL other sizes of jackets and bibs are still available.

Please consult the Size Chart to determine what is best for you. Size Large Winter NON-FLOAT Jackets are available. Please also note that if you normally wear a Large jacket, you might be happiest with an Extra-large (float suit or non-float jacket) to allow for the insulated bibs and additional layers. You can also combine a non-float jacket with float bibs.

We also underestimated the demand for Small and Medium jackets and larger sizes - beyond 3XL. We promise to add more sizes for the 2021 season!

Ice Runner SINCERELY appreciates your patience in waiting for delivery of your Float Suit orders. We are confident you will enjoy your new suit - and that your friends will also be amazed at the quality and value of the new Ice Runner suits!